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Loving Day is our Anniversary!

Loving Day is Our Anniversary



Kevin and I Wedding Day

Just Married!


Today is mine and my husbands 7th wedding anniversary. It also happens to be Loving Day.

Loving Day is Our Anniversary by TheMixedMamaBlog


To be honest… we didn’t pick our wedding date because of Loving Day. Shoot… I didn’t even know of the official Loving Day until I signed up for Twitter and Instagram for my blog. We picked it because it was the closest weekend to our dating anniversary of June 16th.


Kevin and I Wedding Day_Kiss

You may kiss the bride


In 4 days we will have been together for 14 years. Since we were 16 years old!!

When I found out that our anniversary also happened to be Loving Day… it felt weird. A good weird. Like the universe worked it out that way somehow.


Kevin and I_highschool

Us in High School


My husband, then friend, met in high school at the age of 12 years old! Because our birthdays are in November (we are EXACTLY 3 weeks apart) we were young our freshman year. We attended Hutchinson Technical Central High School aka Hutch Tech aka TECH HIGH!! Yes… for those that don’t know us. We were/are nerds. I was an Computer Science Major. He was an Engineering Major (he is a great artist).


Kevin and I_10 yr reunion

Our 10 year HS reunion. Pregnant with our son.


Anyways… we were both friends with this amazing woman (now.. then she was girl.. lol). I won’t put her name because not sure if she would want me to. I instantly liked him. I wasn’t aware I LIKED him, liked him right away though. I just knew I felt comfortable around him and he made me laugh. Plus… I was dating someone and my friend…? She ended up telling me she liked him.

Fast-forward, its Junior year, I break up with my boyfriend before prom because he became a crazy person. I ended up going with a really great guy/friend of mine (looking back… I think I friend-zoned him… I’m sorry). My friend and my future husband go to prom together. It ends up being disastrous for me. It REALLY hit me how much I wanted to be his date.

Kevin and I_seniorprom

Senior Prom


Long-story short…. we ended up dating on the first day of exams our Junior year. June 16th. I honestly knew then that he was going to be the one I would marry. I literally felt more myself when I was around him than I did when he wasn’t. In high school, and still now, I was very shy and introverted. He was more shy in high school than he is now for sure, but he was much more outgoing than I was (and still is). He made me feel comfortable when he was near. I could talk to him like I knew him forever.

Before we started dating, we were talking on AIM. (Anybody else remember those days!?Aol chats? Anybody? ) He shared some concerns about how others would look at us and treat us. Me being the naïve kid I was… just didn’t understand… nor did I care. I just wanted to be with him.

Did we end up dealing with issues because we are an interracial couple? You bet. We lived in the hood of Buffalo, NY and it’s pretty diverse. We would get looks while on the [public] bus together. We once got yelled at: “HAVEN’T YOU EVER HEARD OF O.J. SIMPSON?!?!” while we were walking down Broadway. That came from 2 old ladies sitting together, one white & one black. We still don’t know what they thought we would do after hearing them yell that. Were they yelling at him to murder me? Were they trying to warn me that he is might (allegedly – don’t sue me.. lol) kill me?

Anyways… that was years ago. We don’t get those outward, obvious statements anymore. Not sure if it’s because I am an adult now and more confident in myself so I just ignore them and don’t even notice anymore.

We dated throughout undergraduate and graduate school. We planned our wedding during graduate school because I wanted to get married that June, a month after we graduated, because I wanted to get married in a year that ended in an even number. I know… I know… I’m crazy. I wanted our anniversary to be even numbers. Not sure why but I just have a thing about even numbers. Did that lead to craziness.. yes. Planning a wedding and completing graduate school at the same time. Not smart and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to others.


Dancing at Wedding

Family dancing


Fast-forward again… we now have 2 AMAZING multiracial & multicultural children. They are Polish, Italian, German, African American, and Belizean/Garinagu. We also learned recently that they have Mayan in them from my mother-in-law. She is currently in Belize and has been learning some more about her family heritage and sharing it with us.

I actually recently wrote a guest post over on Multicultural Kid Blogs that you can learn 10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Belize if you wanted to check it out.

10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Belize.png

Well that is our #lovingstory and would love to hear yours! Tell me below how and when you met your spouse/significant other?

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Thanks for reading!


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Check out my previous post –>  10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Belize – GUEST POST.


  1. enannylink1

    I ❤ your ❤ story!! Glad times are getting a little better with interracial marriages……Many more years coming your way ❤

    • Thank you! It was getting better until recently… now I am nervous so much more when we go outside knowing there are so many people who have been harboring ill-will towards poc. 🙁 But! Today is a happy day! ♡♡♡♡ Thank you for your well wishes.

  2. You are such a fabulous fusion! 🙂 I love your story. We are multicultural/multiracial/multilingual/multifaith family too 🙂 and we celebrate our 7th marriage anniversary next month :):) 16 years together is a wonderful time. Wish you maaaaany more to come- together 🙂

    • Thank you!! We aren’t multifaith or multilingual but I am trying to teach my kids some of my mother in laws language (Garifuna) and Polish (my side). I love connecting with other mixed families! ♡ I have been following your blog on wordpress but I am going to have to sign up for your emails so I get notifications. Looking forward to reading more!

      Also, happy early anniversary to you. Wishing you many more as well! ♡

      • You are a wonderful multicultural family- I look around your blog from time to time 🙂 Your kids are gorgeous. You set a fabulous example for them.
        Thank you so much for your wishes :*

  3. Your kids are beautiful. Happy Early anniversary, I loved hearing your story.

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