So this post is for those parents I see out in the world with their mixed/multiracial/biracial and even interracially adopted kids with their hair looking a hot mess and are struggling to figure out how to take care of their hair. (Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve been there too!) Please take the time to learn some basic hair care so your kids can walk around with decent, healthy, well taken care of hair.


Do you need to learn how to do all the braiding and hair styles ? No … but I HIGHLY recommend you do. If you would like some basic tutorials you can check out some of my other posts Simple & Easy Braid Hairstyle or Super Simple Braid Hairstyle.  If you need ideas of what kind of products to get then check out my post Top 10 Products for Mixed Kids Hair .

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But this post is meant to be the absolute BASIC of BASICS. A CHEAT SHEET if you will.

(Disclaimer- I am not a professional… this is just what I’ve learned through research and trial & error)

Cheat Sheet for Mixed Kids Hair Care - The Basics

So lets get started with the basics all parents need to know and learn to take care of their mixed children’s hair:

  1. Start with soaking wet hair in the bath/shower. I prefer to work in sections. 20161010_202431
  2. Shampoo the roots. We only shampoo once a week and with a nourishing shampoo. Some people don’t even use shampoo! Too much shampooing can dry out a mixed kids hair and they need the moisture! Lately we have been using Cantu Care for Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo that is specifically designed for curly kid hair.  Cantu Care for Kids Tear Free Nourishing Shampoo
  3. After you rinse out the shampoo you want to SOAK the hair in conditioner. This step you have more wiggle room as to what kind you use, but whichever you use make sure it is a moisturizing one, and you use A LOT. We have been loving Mane n’ Tail, Suave Coconut, and Tresemme Perfectly Undone. The last 2 are actually CG Method Friendly.
  4. While the hair is COATED in conditioner this is when you comb with a wide tooth comb starting at the bottom and detangling as you move up towards the roots. HOLD THE HAIR ABOVE WHERE YOU ARE COMBING. This will help prevent pain by the comb pulling at your hand instead of the scalp. I love using the Conair Shower Comb because it has a handle on it that makes it easier to hold onto and also hang up when not using so it stays in the bath/shower at all times. I like to again work in sections to make it easier. .
  5. After you have successfully detangled the entire head… Rinse out most of the conditioner. Its actually ok to leave some in.
  6. Coat the hair in some sort of conditioning crème. This step unfortunately is going to take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your kids hair. The idea is to put as much moisture back into the hair shaft. Curly, multiracial/biracial hair tends to get dry easily and following the LOC/LCO method helps combat that. This is the C in the LOC/LCO method (I prefer the LCO method).  I personally have found the CurlyKids Mixed Kids Curly Creme Conditioner and the Cantu Care for Kids Curling Crème to be great.   FYI – L = liquid/leave in, O = Oil, C = Crème/Conditioner.
  7. Comb the product through again with a wide tooth comb. Make sure the product is spread throughout the hair and the hair is evenly coated.20161023_204555
  8. Put an oil on the hair to lock in the moisture. Concentrate on the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Run your fingers through the hair to distribute and again comb through to coat evenly. I recommend starting with less and seeing what your kids hair can handle. Too much can weigh the curls down. This again… is another step where you will have to see what works for your kids hair best but some that we have used and loved are basic coconut oil, Righteous Roots, and various Garnier Hair Oils. (The Viva Coconut Oil is actually on our recent popular post of the 10 Top Rated Hair Oils )

    THATS IT!!! This basic routine will lead to softer, moisturized, and healthier curls.

    Now obviously there is more that you can learn but these are the basic steps that all parents NEED to know to properly take care of their biracial/mixed/multiracial kids curly hair.

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BONUS TIP: Get a satin sleep cap for your kids hair at night time or a satin pillow case. Also… put it into braids before bed.

 BONUS BONUS TIP:  Before Step 3 you can spray the hair with a detangling spray to assist with combing. We personally use the CurlyKids Mixed Hair Care Detangling Spray.

CurlyKids Super Detangling Spray

Thanks for reading and good luck!nicholette-the-mixed-mama-signature

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