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CHEAT SHEET- Mixed Kid Hair Care – The Basics

Cheat Sheet for Mixed Kid Hair Care - The Basics _ Blog Cover

So this post is for those parents I see out in the world with their mixed / multiracial / biracial and even interracially adopted kids with their hair looking a hot mess and are struggling to figure out how to take care of their hair. (Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve been there too!) Please take the time to learn some basic Mixed Kid hair care so your kids can walk around with decent, healthy, well taken care of hair.


Do you need to learn how to do all the braiding and hair styles ? No … but I HIGHLY recommend you do. If you would like some basic tutorials you can check out some of my other posts Simple & Easy Braid Hairstyle or Super Simple Braid Hairstyle.  If you need ideas of what kind of products to get then check out my post Top 10 Products for Mixed Kids Hair .

(Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help me keep this site up and running and help me feed my babes! All opinions are my own… I promise. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details. Thank you for your support! )

But this post is meant to be the absolute BASIC of BASICS. A CHEAT SHEET if you will.

(Disclaimer- I am not a professional… this is just what I’ve learned through research and trial & error)

Cheat Sheet for Mixed Kids Hair Care - The Basics

So lets get started with the basics all parents need to know and learn to take care of their mixed children’s hair:

  1. Start with soaking wet hair in the bath/shower. I prefer to work in sections. 20161010_202431
  2. Shampoo the roots. We only shampoo once a week and with a nourishing shampoo. Some people don’t even use shampoo! Too much shampooing can dry out a mixed kids hair and they need the moisture! Lately we have been using Cantu Care for Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo that is specifically designed for curly kid hair.  Cantu Care for Kids Tear Free Nourishing Shampoo
  3. After you rinse out the shampoo you want to SOAK the hair in conditioner. This step you have more wiggle room as to what kind you use, but whichever you use make sure it is a moisturizing one, and you use A LOT. We have been loving Mane n’ Tail, Suave Coconut, and Tresemme Perfectly Undone. The last 2 are actually CG Method Friendly.
  4. While the hair is COATED in conditioner this is when you comb with a wide tooth comb starting at the bottom and detangling as you move up towards the roots. HOLD THE HAIR ABOVE WHERE YOU ARE COMBING. This will help prevent pain by the comb pulling at your hand instead of the scalp. I love using the Conair Shower Comb because it has a handle on it that makes it easier to hold onto and also hang up when not using so it stays in the bath/shower at all times. I like to again work in sections to make it easier. .
  5. After you have successfully detangled the entire head… Rinse out most of the conditioner. Its actually ok to leave some in.
  6. Coat the hair in some sort of conditioning crème. This step unfortunately is going to take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your kids hair. The idea is to put as much moisture back into the hair shaft. Curly, multiracial/biracial hair tends to get dry easily and following the LOC/LCO method helps combat that. This is the C in the LOC/LCO method (I prefer the LCO method).  I personally have found the CurlyKids Mixed Kids Curly Creme Conditioner and the Cantu Care for Kids Curling Crème to be great.   FYI – L = liquid/leave in, O = Oil, C = Crème/Conditioner.
  7. Comb the product through again with a wide tooth comb. Make sure the product is spread throughout the hair and the hair is evenly coated.20161023_204555
  8. Put an oil on the hair to lock in the moisture. Concentrate on the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Run your fingers through the hair to distribute and again comb through to coat evenly. I recommend starting with less and seeing what your kids hair can handle. Too much can weigh the curls down. This again… is another step where you will have to see what works for your kids hair best but some that we have used and loved are basic coconut oil, Righteous Roots, and various Garnier Hair Oils. (The Viva Coconut Oil is actually on our recent popular post of the 10 Top Rated Hair Oils )

    THATS IT!!! This basic routine will lead to softer, moisturized, and healthier curls.

    Now obviously there is more that you can learn but these are the basic steps that all parents NEED to know to properly take care of their biracial/mixed/multiracial kids curly hair.

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BONUS TIP: Get a satin sleep cap for your kids hair at night time or a satin pillow case. Also… put it into braids before bed.

 BONUS BONUS TIP:  Before Step 3 you can spray the hair with a detangling spray to assist with combing. We personally use the CurlyKids Mixed Hair Care Detangling Spray.

CurlyKids Super Detangling Spray

Thanks for reading and good luck!nicholette-the-mixed-mama-signature

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  1. Love it! My mom could’ve used this back in the day, she was able to handle my hair right, but it was a different procedure than I use now.

    • Glad you love it! I keep getting people asking me to help out “so and so” with their kids hair so I thought I would put together a super simple guide to help even the most clueless! Lol. Glad your mom was able to handle your hair right… thats so important. You seem to have a good routine because your hair looks beautiful in your pic! ♡ #embracethecurl

      • Thanks! Was able to finetune the routine over the years 🙂

      • Melissa

        Hi my little girl is 9 biracial and has very dry curly hair that makes it very hard to brush and do because it’s so dry !Can you help on what to use to get it moisture?

        • Hi Melissa! Honestly I would get rid of the brush. Try using a wide tooth come in the tub while its wet and covered with conditioner. That should help tons. I never brush my daughters hair unless its soaked in the tub. Hope that helps?

    • Caitlin

      The MixedMama, I have a question. My biracial daughter (white and African American) and I have literally tried everything on her hair and her scalp is getting worse. She has this dry rough bumpy and flakey white stuff all over her head. Its ithing her like crazy and it bleeds when you scratch all the white stuff off l. Can you please help me??

      • Hi! Have you taken her to a dermatologist? If shes bleeding something may be going on beyond her hair.

      • I would go have her head checked by a doc. She may have some issue with her skin that needs to be addressed. Especially if it is itching her. Let me know what they say?

  2. A very useful guide to mixed kids hair care.Hair care us a fine balance of great diet and good products

  3. A very helpful post as my younger one has very curely and heavy hair. These are some great tips and great products. I am going to try these as her hair have become very dry due to shampoo and less conditioning.


    • Great! Glad it was helpful. Hope it works out. I’d love to see an after pic. If you are on instagram or twitter tag me @themixedmama

  4. Great tips and products. I’ll probably try them out myself. Thanks for sharing

    • Thats great! These recommendations could truly be applied to any curly beauty no matter if they are a kid or adult. Let me know if you do and how it works out? Tag me @themixedmama on insta or twitter. ♡

  5. Loving the step by step instructions and pictures. She’s absolutely adorable! I’ll have to keep this in mind when friends ask me to help out.

    • Thanks! Yes please share. So many parents unfortunately don’t realize they aren’t taking care of their curly and/or biracial/multiracial kids hair.

      And thanks for the compliment. Shes my ♡

  6. Great tips and very thorough guide 🙂 You daughter is so pretty.

  7. Wow, thats an awesome guide! I love the outcome. Your daughter looked more beautiful after curlying her hair. Job well done!

  8. Deimarys

    I have a boy and even though he is a guy, i always look for ways to make his hair look healthy. This post is really good.

  9. Kristin

    My daughter is 14 months old, and her hair is a hot mess! 🙁 I am thankful to have found your page for this information! Is this something that I should start with her already? I don’t want to put a bunch of product in her hair now if it is not good to start so early. However, if it is best to start now, then I have my Amazon cart up, open, and ready to place an order! 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • Hi!! I’m glad you found me too! ♡ I wanted to let you know I saw your comment but I will respond with a few recommendations when I get to my computer. Its not too early to start though!

    • Ok so there are a couple options. If you want to email me or tag me on a pic on instagram of your daughter I can give you a more specific recommendation ( or @themixedmama).

      But what we’ve used and had great results with is the Curly Kids Line. This set has all the basics you need to start simple – . We just shampoo my daughter roots because that’s where her oil is and I don’t want to over dry her hair. Then use the conditioner and comb her hair while it is coated in that. Use a wide tooth comb – <– that's the one we use because the handle makes it easy to keep hold of while wet, plus you can hang it up in the shower so you never lose it (or have to try to find it in the bubbles!). Detangle starting at the bottom working your way towards the roots. Once you get all the knots out then rinse most, not all, the conditioner out. Spray the detangler spray in. Comb again. While her hair is still wet, either right before getting out or right after… put a generous amount of the crème throughout her hair and comb through again to ensure its evenly coated. That alone should help improve her hair tons!! If you want to take it a step further you can get their Gel Moisturizer – and add that as the last step. That will help add some more definition and smoothness. Once you get this process down I can give you more recommendations to step up your hair game even more! (Various hair oils help lock in moisture too… etc).

      Keep it mind, what worked for my daughter may not work for yours, especially with mixed kids. But I've heard from a bunch of other moms that the CurlyKids line worked for them as well. We recently have been trying out the Cantu Kids line too, but only their Nourishing Shampoo ( and the Curly Crème ( I 've used the CurlyKids one longer though so that's why I'm recommending that one… but the Cantu Kids Shampoo is tear-free if that's something you need.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you give them a try and how it works?
      – Nicholette <3

  10. Beth Ann

    You are amazing! There isn’t much out there for white mothers lost with their biracial child’s hair. It took me months to figure out I had to stop using Johnson’s on my baby girl’s hair because it was just drying it out.

    • Awww thank you!! ♡♡♡♡ That is my hope… that others can learn from my mistakes and be able to care for their kids hair.

      • Cheryl

        I have a biracial daughter (white/black) and her hair texture is more like mine (white) but just curly. Her hair isn’t difficult to manage but now that it’s getting longer it seems to never stay in any style I put it in every morning. When we pick her up from daycare it’s always a hot mess and her baby hairs are crazy. I only wash it once every 1-2 weeks but every morning we spray it down with water and detangle, then put some curling creme in it and style it. She’s only 2 so the bonnet I got her never stays on through the night and we wake up to a matted mess on the back of her head. Any help? Suggestions?

        • Hi! For night time get her a satin pillow case. Also braid her hair up before bed. As for the baby hairs – edge control and/or gel will help! It might not stay perfect… Remember they are rambunctious kids! Lol. Its OK for their hair to be a bit wild. 🙂

  11. Nice tips to cure curl hairs in kids !!

  12. Shelby

    Is this a process you do every day other than the shampooing?

  13. Shelby

    I guess I have a few questions… do you do anything special for her edges? Or do you ever grease her scalp? I have never used oils in my daughter’s hair.. I buy the shea moisture for kids products and the curly kids leave in and gel.. What is your night time routine? The protectitive style of course but do you add more product before bed?

    • I use some sort of edge control product when I do braids or am smoothing down into ponies. I don’t grease their scalp per se but I used Righteous Roots pre-poo oil on my daughters scalp if it seems dry before washing and when we do a deep conditioning treatment.
      Before bed we don’t add more product. Just protective style and satin bonnet. I have deep conditioned overnight thought before but that can get a little messy. Lol. 🙂

  14. Courtney Jones

    I have a 4 year old boy with long curly hair. I have a hard time finding the right shampoo, his hair feels dry and matted when I wash. So I read you said to only wash about once a week, so do you just use the conditioner the other days? Since I have a boy his hair it always down, I braid it at night but we take out in the AM. So throughout the day it gets tangled in the back. HELP

    • Hi! Yes you can co-wash (conditioner only) everyday if needed. Great job braiding it up at night! Another thing is to find a gentler kids shampoo. Cantu Kids (affordable) has one and Many Ethnicities (expensive-online only) does too. Curly Kids does too but I haven’t used their shampoo. I like their curl creme though. Also look into a leave-in conditioner to add after you co-wash. Hope that helps!

  15. Shelby

    When you say “co wash” that means just adding conditioner In her hair while in the bath every day then putting leave in conditioner in when she gets out?

    • Co-Wash is using conditioner only to clean. So you out it in, scrub the scalp like you do with shampoo (maybe a little more) to get the dirt loose, detangle while its coated in conditioner, rinse, then add the leave in when all done with the bath but still pretty wet. Comb through again with the wide tooth comb. You can stop at this step or add a hair oil. Lighter/less if hair is thinner, or more if it is more coarse. Put a bit in your palms, rub together to warm up, start at ends and work towards roots. Hope that clarifies? 🙂

      • Shelby

        And this is something you should do daily or every other day…?

        • It depends on the hair needs. We only wash or co-wash once per week in winter but in summer due to swimming we do it more often. If you find their hair to be extra dry you can do it more often. If you just want to bring the curls back to life you can just “refresh” it. Let me find the link to my video where I show how we do it …..

        • << this we do everyday or every other day depending on what we are doing.

  16. Shelby

    So you rotate between the many ethnicities leave in and the curly kids leave in? Or do you use one for certain things and the other for other things? We mix between the shea moisture for kids and the curly kids products. I love the curly kids leave In and the gel.. but use the shea moisture for the shampoo conditioner detangler and curling butter cream..

    • I use the many ethnicities when we do the refreshing and the curly kids for after the bath. Because the curly kids is cheaper I don’t mind using a ton after the bath to coat my daughters hair. Then I save the many ethnicities for just when I refresh my daughters hair (when not in a protective style) and my sons daily. I use less of that cause its more expensive. I love it though!

  17. Azaria Gabriel

    Good Day,

    My son has mixed hair and is currently just under a year.. I was looking for a good styling product that is natural which can help me braid his hair… Any recommendations?

    • Hi Azaria,
      We personally don’t focus specifically on all natural products so I don’t have a lot of recommendations for you for you. I know Many Ethnicities and Righteous Roots that we use try to use good and mostly natural ingredients. If you are looking for something to hold in moisture while braiding you can always use a natural hair oil ( (almond, coconut, jojoba, etc). I don’t know of any holding type gel/products that are for braiding that are natural unfortunately. I hope that helps! Sorry I don’t have more specific recommendations.

  18. My daughter’s hair is more kink then curly. I always find one part of hair end frizzy. Dosnt matter how much oil I use or conditioner. She is 10 yrs n still has a lot of baby hair at front. My other kids hair is lovely curly. My poor daughter’s always looks dry dull no real curls jyst here n there

    • Hi Sharon,
      Can you put her hair into protective styles. This will help with the dry and frizziness. I would recommend trying to focus on teaching her to love her hair as it is though. It’s darn near impossible to change what we are born with but we can teach our kids to love themselves and their differences (even though that can be hard too). Try to find representations of her in books, magazines, movies, shows etc. Show her that she is beautiful with her kinky hair. Instagram has a lot of beautiful women on there with all kinds of curly hair that I show my daughter all the time. She gets to see that they are beautiful with kinky curls. If I see women with different kinds of curly hair I make a point to say how beautiful their hair is in front of my children. I make sure that my word choices build a positive self-esteem.

      But if the hair is frizzy because of being dry, adding moisture to it will help keep it healthy. Healthy hair = happier hair = happier kids. I have a few different posts on hair with what we use to keep moisture in. Let me know if you have any specific questions? <3 Hope this helps!

  19. jessia mckenzie

    Hello! as for me – it really helpfull, the list-directory with all hair salons! all in one –

  20. Nice post but be a little less judgmental! LMAO!

  21. Kayla


    Are you blow drying at the end or air drying?


  22. Brittany Williams

    Is it ok for a 10 month old?

    • Hi Brittany! The Many Ethnicities, Righteous Roots, (they are mostly natural ingredients) and the Gentle Cantu Kids shampoo should all be safe for babies . Just be careful of their eyes in the tub. The Gentle Kids shampoo is designed to be gentle on kids eyes though. <3 For babies I go with the "less is more" motto. 🙂

  23. Jennifer

    Do you use any kind of gel to keep the fly aways tame
    when the hair is up?

    • Hi! I use a gel in my sons hair and in my daughters when the curls will be free but for taming fly aways I use “edge control”. Its like a really thick type gel product. There are multiple options at stores like walmart and target (usually). ♡

  24. Amber

    I was wondering your routine for hair care in between washes! 🙂 that’s where I’m not too sure on. This is my first child and she is biracial, but her hair texture is more like mine right now, she is only 10 months.

    • In between washes you can do co-washes. Just wash with conditioner and skip shampoo. Or you can re-fresh in between baths as well. Get a spray bottle, put a little light leave-in in it with water and spray the curls. Helps add moisture and bring definition back to the curls. Hope that helps! <3

  25. Silvana Garbe

    This is really helpful, thank you so much, I was really doing a terrible job before 😄😄😄

    • Haha I doubt it was terrible! Give yourself some more credit mama! You are trying and researching so you are doing a great job in my opinion <3

  26. Diane

    Thank you so much for all of these great tips! I’m about to have my first child who is also mixed race. I was wondering what should I do for her as a newborn? Also, do you recommend using any of the Mixed Chicks line. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this line so I was wondering what you’re experience with them has been.

  27. Kimberly Dexter

    Thanks for the cheat sheet. This will help us out so much.

    • Chi Niemeyer

      My sons are grown now, 25 and 23. However, my sons, while they have curly hair, do not share the same texture hair as their father, they have my texture but curly. Very tight Shirley temple curls. My middle son now struggles to take care of his hair. And he tries to look up mixed race hair but I tell him he cannot do that as his texture is like mine and he has to look up taking care of white curly hair.

  28. This is so helpful! I was doing a lot of this with my young daughter’s hair but I’ll be adding the oil to the regime. I have a question though- my daughter is only 22 months and so we brush it out in the bath tub when we wash once a week. Should I be brushing her hair out everyday with a spray in conditioner? Her hair still very short, but very very curly. I have curly hair but they’re loose curls (I’m of Mexican descent but my husband is Dominican and my daughter seems to have the much tighter Dominican curls) and so I’m unsure of when to brush and how often. It’s also difficult to comb bc it’s so short and it hurts her. I just ordered a satin cap today for her to sleep in. I’d love to have some feedback! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi! I would incorporate a wide tooth comb instead of brushing. That should make it easier. Also – adding leave in plus detangling throughout the week should also make it more manageable. 🙂

  29. Amy Bodie

    How often do you do your conditioning routine? Do you condition only when you shampoo? My daughters hair looks very dry at the front (new growth) and ends. We don’t ever leave her hair down because it gets very “fluffy” and frizzy when left down.

    • Hi! For my daughter we condition only once a week when we shampoo and have it in a protective style. Except when its summer and she is swimming a lot or sweaty I’ll shampoo her roots and condition more often. For my son I do just leave in conditioner every bath and shampoo once/wk. Again except summer/swimming/sweat. 🙂

  30. Renee Allen

    I wanted to reach out to see if I need to add more moisture to my daughter’s hair. I wash her hair once a week. I use Aunt Jackie’s shampoo and deep conditioner. I use a shower comb while conditioner is not her hair and make sure it conditioned and combed through her hair. Every morning I wet her hair and use the shower comb also using aunt Jackie’s baby girl curls, curling twisting custard throughout her hair or Love ur curls all in one repair hydrate and style. Both produces are enhanced with shea butter and Moringa oil

    • Sounds like you are doing great! How does her hair feel? Is it breaking or growing? That will help you determine if her hair ia moisturized enough. 🙂

      • renee allen

        Once her hair dries it looks a little “dry” frizzy. her hair is not breaking and It is growing. when she wakes up it’s super frizzy and tangled

        • I would try adding leave in before bed and then braiding it up. Have her wear a satin cap if she will, if not get a satin pillowcase. See if that helps?

          • renee allen

            I will add in a leave in her hair is a little short for braids. I also just put satin sheets in her crib (she does not sleep with a pillow yet) I have tried the cap and and she will not keep it on. thank you for the advise. you r so much help and you make a difference in easing people struggles

          • If her hair is too short maybe divide it up into small sections/ponies. That will help some w the tangles. I used to do that with my daughter until it was long enough to throw some braids in.
            Glad I can help!! 😁

        • I also add a bit of hair oil on my girls ends when they are looking extra dry.

  31. Colleen

    Thank you so much for making this website i have three biracial sisters who always want me to do their hair and now i can

  32. I love this blog, and great that you have shared these about cheat sheet mixed kid hair care the basics. I enjoy reading this blog; hope to learn more from your blog in future. Great points!! I love this blog; please keep updated us with such information.

  33. Rukia

    Thank you so much for this. My daughters hair is mix, afro Caribbean and Indian. Her curls are so tight that her hair shrinks. What do you use to lengthen the curls or to stretch them out a little?


    • Hi! Honestly I personally wouldn’t focus on trying to stretch them. Her hair is perfect the way it is! But… I have also finger curled my daughters hair when she waa littler and it helped define the curls more and they didn’t shrink up as much. It was super cute too! Look up finger curls online and there are tons of tutorials. 😁

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