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The Do’s and Don’ts of Mixed Kid Hair Care

Do's and Don'ts of Mixed Kid Hair Care - Blog Cover

After reading many, many different posts in a few Biracial / Mixed /  Multiracial / Curly Hair Facebook groups I’m in… I decided to put together a list of my top Do’s and Don’ts of taking care of Mixed kid hair.

Do's and Don'ts of Mixed Kid Hair Care by TheMixedMamaBlog

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    Seriously parents. Do NOT brush your kids hair. Unless they are one of the few multiracial kids that don’t have any curl in their hair. But if they are like a majority of biracial kids then do.not.ever. brush their hair. It should only be combed while wet. My personal favorite comb is the Conair Wide Tooth Shower Comb.

    Conair Shower Comb-Top Products for Mixed Hair


    You should be using some form of, some combination of, some concoction of conditioner. Whether that is a leave-in, or moisturizing conditioner in the bath, and/or a deep conditioner. Honestly I recommend doing all of the above. In the shower/bath we use Mane n’ Tail Conditioner. We lather the hair in this before combing with the Shower Comb. We rinse mostly all of it out. Then we coat the hair with CurlyKids Curly Crème Conditioner. Again I comb it through the hair with the comb. DO NOT RINSE OUT. We also do a deep-conditioning treatment at least once per month, but usually bi-weekly. If you would like to see the process and products we use you can see our previous post here where we review the Thermal Hair Care’s Little Hot Heads Heat Cap.


    You have probably heard of the LOC or LCO method. The method basically means LIQUID. OIL. CONDITIONER or  LIQUID. CONDITIONER. OIL. Its a layering technique to seal in moisture. The thing is though…. not all oils work for all hair. Try out different kinds until you figure out what works. I have read for a lot of people Coconut Oil (this is the one we have) actually dries out a bunch of multiracial kids hair, and other fellow curly haired beauties hair. But you are in luck. There are A TON  of different kinds to try: Almond Oil, Castor Oil (also supposedly helps hair grow), Macadamia Oil, etc. (Linked the highest customer rated products on Amazon for yall… aren’t I sweet? Lol Here is a list of the Top 10 Rated Hair Oils on Amazon)  Lately we have been using Righteous Roots Oil blend. Not only is it made by a small business mom, but it SMELLS AMAZING!! My daughter and I LOVE how it smells. Seriously. Try it out. It is a Pre-Poo oil, but can also be used as the O/Oil in the LCO/LOC method. We also use it in our deep conditioner treatment listed above. (LOVE multifunctional products!)


    Mixed kids hair has special needs and precautions you have to take as a parent. It is your responsibility to learn them. One of the basics is to keep their hair in a protective style, especially at night time while they sleep, or while they are swimming, or running around playing. This will help prevent knots and keep their hair healthy. If you need some ideas I have already done a few simple tutorial posts that you can check out here, here, and here on this blog.

    Super Simple Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

    Super Simple Braid Hairstyle Tutorial


    Simply put… multiracial/curly hair has different needs than Caucasian/white/straight people’s hair. I could technically wash my hair everyday and it would be fine. But… if I washed my kids hair everyday?! It would be SO DRY. Don’t do it. We wash once per week. But that is only because my daughter has a more oily scalp like I do. When we wash we use a nourishing shampoo and only shampoo her roots. ONLY THE ROOTS. Some people can go even longer without washing. Actually… there an entire Curly Girls group on Facebook with over 50,000 members that DON’T EVEN USE SHAMPOO!! (it’s called co-washing). And let me tell you… their hair looks amazing. Figure out what works for your children and don’t be afraid to try something that is different. Cantu Care For Kids Tear Free Nourishing Shampoo - Gentle Care for Textured Hair


    Ok… what am I even talking about. Basically go to the dollar store, get a spray bottle, and fill it with water, some hair oil, and some conditioner, shake up, and use this throughout the week. This can be used in between washes to help “refresh” the hair and add some moisture. This also makes it easier to re-do hairstyles and revive curls mid-week. Even if we could go an entire week without doing my daughter’s hair, we usually re-do it at least once during the week to try to prevent knots. But that just happens to be what works for us. There are also pre-made sprays out there that you can use. We have a couple that we like and love: Soft & Precious Baby Products – Detangling Moisturizer and Lusti Organics – Olive Oil Hair Sheen.


    This is the MOST IMPORTANT DO. We as parents have the responsibility to teach our children to love their hair. Even if it is different than all the other kids in school, even if they want straight hair like you, even if it makes them stand out. Teach them that their uniqueness is GREAT. I don’t know how many times I’ve read parents wanting to straighten their kids hair because they want to be like the other kids in school. In my mind this teaches them that they have to change who they are to be like others. NOOOOO. NO. NO. Our biracial, multiracial, mixed, curly kids are already going to have to face so much resistance in their lives for their differences. Start as young as possible teaching them to be proud and accepting of their traits.

    Especially vulnerable will be our multiracial daughters and sons with black mixed in. Society tells black/brown people that their natural/curly hair isn’t professional, isn’t acceptable, isn’t desirable… We have to fight that! I want my children to love their natural hair. It is our responsibility as parents to try as hard as we can to accomplish that.  ( I want to add the disclaimer –  I have straightened my daughter’s hair. Twice for her birthday(s) and made sure to remind her that her curly, natural hair is amazing.)


Now please keep in mind this list isn’t exhaustive, and I may come back in the future to edit it as I learn more. We are always learning and I am not afraid to admit if I am wrong and made a mistake. It’s ok if you do too. We, as parents, aren’t perfect. That’s ok. As long as we try as hard as we can for our amazing children that deserve the world.

More of a visual person? Here’s a short video on a few recommendations:

Thanks for taking the time to read. Do you have any other DO’S OR DON’TS for Mixed Kid hair? Let me know below in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jessica

    I love the way your daughters hair looks in the above pic when it’s curly, I would love for my daughter’s hair to be like that what do you use?..

  2. Thanks for all of these reassuring tips.
    I’m the father of 3 mixed children and I often felt like I wasn’t doing some of this stuff correctly.
    Especially for my daughter.

    This morning my mother-in-law told me to tie her hair up in a ponytail and I was like ‘why’?
    Her hair is in a ponytail more than 4 times a week and at night. I tried to explain that it should breath once in a while. Why have these lovely locks and keep them trapped. Plus, she tends to get more knots / kinks when it’s not combed out every other day.

    Hope I’m making the right choices. I love her big, curly, flowing hair.
    So does my daughter.

    • Yes! Protective styles are important but letting the hair be free and having your daughter love and accept her curls is so important as well. ♡ Great job dad! 🙂

  3. Hi! Thank you for the info from the post. My daughter is a year old and her hair is about 2.5 inches long and curly. I wash it once a week with a gentle shampoo, but I wet it in the bath every night and put a hair milk from the grocery store in it. Her hair still dries out by mid- to end of the day. Would you recommend still following the about advice for a one year old?
    Thank you,

    • Hi!! I would recommend but just use products geared towards kids. Many Ethnicitied has a kids line designed specifically for multiracial kids. I have an article about them if you type “Many Ethnicities” into the search on my site. It is more expensive, so if you were to buy one thing I would recommend the leave in conditioner for kids. And then find a light hair oil to seal the moisture in. We personally use Righteous roots hair oil but you might have to try a few options until you find out what works with her hair. Some work better for other people that others. Almond oil, or macadamia, etc are lighter ones. I also have an article where I share the Top 10 Hair Oils on Amazon (great if you have prime!). You can check that out too ♡

      Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Also, the product I use now is very perfume-y and I don’t love that. Are the products you use heavily scented?
    Thanks again!

    • The ones I use are either that “clean” smell or vanilla-y or cupcake-y because my daughter and I just love those smells! Lol. I hate that perfume-y smell! The Righteous Roots Oil mentioned in the previous comment smells like cupcakes and my daughter loves it! ♡

  5. Amy

    First, I love your blog….it is so helpful. My daughter is 3, with hair a lot like your own daughter. How do you keep her hair from getting fuzzy after you braid it? As soon as I braid her she has baby fuzz everywhere.

    • Hi Amy! Thank you for your kind words. What I would recommend is incorporating some sort of edge control into the hair as you are braiding. Plus the smaller the braids the less chance of them getting fuzzy. Another option, that I personally haven’t done, is to use fake hair in the braids. It helps protect the hair underneath and also prevent the fuzz! Lol. But with multiracial kids, I’ve learned, that their hair just won’t stay as long as a fully AA kids hair. So the edge control will probably help you get some more time but not as long as we wish! 😉 Good luck!

      • Amy

        Thanks so much for all your help. I ran out and got the kinds cantu line and some of the shea moisture kids line. I am going to try it out tommorow.

        • I love their curling activator. They have a kids version and a similar adult one. LOVE it. Hope it works out for you. I’ve used a few of their products. I have recently been trying out one of shea moisture conditioners too. Not 100% sure yet how I feel as I haven’t used it that much but so far so good! ♡

  6. Katie Bathersfield

    Hi! Thank you so much for this amazing article! Just had a question. If I were to follow LOC or LCO, how would that look? I’m a little confused on where the oil fits in. We’re currently co-washing once a week, and using leave in conditioner. Also, when you style it, how do you not use a detangling brush to gather the hair for a ponytail or buns? My daughters are 20 months and 10 weeks old. Still a newbie, but trying to learn 🙂

    • Hi! Welcome! So for the LCO/LOC method you would add the oil after the leave in (at least thats the order I’ve found works best). So after you co-wash, comb the leave in through, and then put the oil on (starting on ends and work up) and comb through.

      As the gathering the hair, I gather it up best I can with my hands and then I smooth it down w a boar bristle brush. Personally I use one the white people usually use as a teaser because it’s surface area is smaller and easier to do small spaces on the head (i.e. if I do different sections for a protective style).

      Hope that helped! Let me know if you have any other questions? It’s never too early to learn! ♡

      • Katie

        Great to know- thank you! I’m thinking since it takes so long for her hair to dry, that we’ll have to do this process in the morning, instead of at night (which is fine). I need to watch your tutorial on simple protective hair styles. Currently, she just goes to bed natural. In an above comment, you mentioned “edge control” for preventing fuzz with braids. What exactly does that mean?

        Also, I’m not exactly sure what kind of brush you’re referring to. Something like this?

        • Yes that is exactly the kind of brush I meant. For edge control its a product. If you type it into amazon a bunch of products should pop up. Its like a thick gel like texture and holds the frizz and hair down. 🙂

          • Katie

            Perfect!!! Ok, just one more question lol. I was looking at the tutorial for Buns and Braids, and I think my toddler’s hair is too short for me to braid, especially since I’m a novice at braiding. Plus, I don’t think she’d sit still long enough for me to do a dutch braid at her current age. Any advice on what to do in that situation, as I do still want to protect her hair?

          • At her age and since her hair is shorter… I would just put it into a few braids at night for bed (don’t have to be to the head) and then refresh her hair and leave it free during the day. Headbands were my favorite thing when my daughter was younger. I have a youtube video on how we refresh curls. 🙂

          • Katie

            Apparently, I have an endless amount of questions!! Lol! Hope it’s OK! I’m already learning so much 🙂 Firstly, THANK YOU, that makes total sense! Should I try to get her to wear a satin bonnet? I’m pretty sure she’d take it off… Secondly, any specific headbands that you recommend? We’ve been using a barrette to hold the hair back at the very front/top. Thirdly, do you use the plopping/scrunching CG method to help the hair dry? Or, is it best just to let it dry naturally? I’m a SAHM, so we have the time to have it dry naturally, just not sure if I should scrunch it a *little* with an old tshirt/muslin since it’s really wet otherwise.
            You’re like my multiracial hair care guardian angel right now!!! 😉

          • Haha. I got my daughter used to wearing a satin bonnet around age 2. If she won’t keep it on (and/or in addition to) you can get a satin pillowcase. Keep putting the bonnet on at night until she gets used to it, but she may be still to young for a regular sized one you’d get at a store. If you can afford it there are a few companies that make kid sized ones (I’d have to look that up on my laptop tomorrow).

            As for headbands we just had fun with them. Cute clips were also a staple as well. You can have fun with them… nothing too specific.

            We do sorta of do the plopping/scrunching of the CG method when she is wearing her hair down for something special. Using a tshirt to help it dry is absolutely a great thing vs using a towel on their hair to help it along with drying so it isn’t dripping wet on them.

            Also… you are the sweetest. Never been called a multiracial hair care guardian angel before. Might have to be my new slogan! Lmao 😉

          • Katie

            I meant every word!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’ve never gotten clear answers before on what to do, in like step by step instructions! It feels life-changing (in the realm of hair care at least lol!) I don’t do nearly anything to my hair, so this is all so different for me. If you could let me know about kid sized bonnets, I’d really appreciate it- but no rush!! (Though she does have a pretty large head, so maybe the regular ones won’t be too too large…)

            And I just watched your awesome video on refreshing curls, thank you for sharing the link! What you sprayed first was just water, right? Just curious, what does the water do to help before spraying the curl revival spray?

            Also, what kind of comb did you use at the end? Is it fine to just use the same shower comb that we use when co-washing, etc once a week, or is the one you used different? I hope these aren’t stupid questions, I just seriously have very little clue what I’m doing here, and am tired of being judged on social media by my husband’s family (whole other topic there…)

          • Hi! Sorry for the delay! Fell asleep and had a busy day. So is a cute option!!

            In the refresh video I do spray water. It adds just some extra moisture before. Otherwise I’d go through 1 bottle of the revival spray everytime I did my daughters hair. Lol.

            And any wide tooth comb works! I just have 2 because I keep one with a handle in the shower and another with my “go-to” hair refresh products.
            No stupid questions! ♡ Any help I can provide so you can be confident and silence the judgers… then I am glad to help!

          • Katie

            Thank you so, so much! Early next week, I’m going to go through the whole routine with her, and I’m sure I’ll have a bunch more questions for you lol. Is it easiest for you to post them here, or should I PM you, or post to the FB group? I may take pictures to share with you as well, if that’s ok.

          • You’re welcome! Good luck and let me know. Pictures would be great for the group. Plus if others have the same questions they could see too! 🙂

          • Katie

            Perfect! I’ll post my experience and before/after photos to the group. I’m partly excited, partly terrified 😉

          • Hahaha. Don’t be terrified! I’m proud of you for even just trying to learn. You are taking a step a lot of people are afraid of doing… asking questions and trying! You got this. ♡

          • Katie

            Couldn’t have done it without your guidance, Nicholette!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Tonya D.

    Nicholette, I’m Tonya and I’m also a “mixed mom”. I just want to say that you’re doing a fantastic job. My daughter, Piper is nearly 2 and I’m slowly learning my way as well. Thanks for creating this blog as it is very inspiring to many. Peace…

  8. Linda Chestnut

    How often can there hair be conditioned in the shower not washed but Conditioned in a weeks time

  9. Linda Chestnut

    How many times can you conditioned hair in a weeks time while in the shower

  10. Kristi Kent

    Hi there! I’m sooo happy I found your blog!!! I’ve been trying to learn more about styling my daughter’s hair forever!! She’s adopted and I’m clueless as to what to do! She’s almost two, so her hair (when dry) is still fairly short. I love to leave it naturally curly or just put a top pony tail in since she’s not quite long enough for a full pony. But we’re only washing her hair once per week. Now I’ve learned we need to try co washing and also a leave in conditioner with oil – thanks to you!! BUT, will this help when she wakes up in the morning? Her hair is in serious disarray when she gets up. So we use a detangler and comb through with a little oil. I know NOW that’s probably why it still looks unkempt. So what would you recommend for DAILY routine? Would a cap at night help? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being so generous with your advice and tips!!! Ps- your son is beautiful!!

    • Hi!! So glad you were able to find some helpful information! You are on the right path mama. I would recommend a sleep cap at night and/or a satin pillow case. For free curls during the day I would refresh (video of us doing it and what we use – ) in the morning. A light spray, leave-in, and hair oil if needed. Wide tooth come to spread throughout and get any tangles out. I hope that helps! Do not hesitate to ask questions. You can find me easier on my FB group – 🙂

      • Kristi

        You are a God send, thank you!! She’s not sleeping with a pillow yet and won’t keep a cap on, but maybe I’ll sneak it on after she’s asleep. Her hair was amazing yesterday – I used a detangler with conditioner and oil, and then added some oil, but got a little dry on the ends. Today I used the leave in cream with oil, so we’ll see. I also go the curly kids, curl creme. Do you use that ever? Would I just add that after oil? Thank you SOO MUCH for your help! When I get the right formula I’ll share a pic!

        • I used to sneak the sleep bonnet on after my daughter fell asleep too when she didn’t want to keep it on. Lol. Whatever you gotta do to protect the curls! We do use the curly kids curl crème too. I would put it on before the oil though. I’m glad the info is helping. <3 🙂

  11. Kristi

    So I did the water, detangler (with conditioner and oil) and added oil today as I did the other day and it didn’t work the same. Should I not be wetting, moisturizing, oiling, etc every day? Her hair is just such a tangled mess every morning this hasn’t been much of an option. Sorry for all of the questions!

  12. Rissa

    Hello! I have a 4 month old daughter and her hair is very curly when wet then it has scattered curls and waves when dry but by day 5-6 of no washing, her hair flattens out and is pretty messy (straight and wavy). Is this just a process or am I doing something wrong? What age did your daughter’s hair start to really curl and stay curly? Also, what age did you start using oils in her hair? I have Jamaican castor oil at home but I find it is so thick… wouldn’t that cause problems for her natural oil ducts?
    Please help!

    • Hi you may need to just start washing around every 4 days or so. Or co wash every couple of says. As for the oil the castor oil may be too thick for her. They have lighter oils… maybe an almond oil may work better? 🙂 Sometimes its trial and error to see what works. ♡

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