Here we are with a new week. So what does that mean? Hair Washing day. If you want to see how I wash my daughter hair check out this blog post where I went into more detail about the washing process.

Super Simple Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

This post is going to start after the washing. Check out my beauty (below). This is after its been washed, combed, and has the products in it. This is my daughters favorite way to have her hair.. but unfortunately we can’t keep her hair loose without it getting knotty. Thus, we have to put her hair in protective styles.

We decided to switch it up this time from the way we’ve been doing in the last few weeks. I showed her some pictures of some inspirations and she picked a sideways braided hairstyle. We originally planned to put it into a bun but decided to save the bun for later in the week.

To start you pick a point on their head, either to the right or left of center, above their eyebrow as the starting point.

Starting point of Sideways braids.
Starting point of Sideways braids.

As you can see we chose to start over her Right eye. You then part going away from there at an angle back towards the opposite ear. I unfortunately didn’t get a very good angle of this, but basically you want it so the braid/section goes along the front of her hairline/forehead toward their ear. You can sort of see in the pic below that the braid starts at the starting point, goes along her hairline, and ends up by ear.


Once you section of the piece you are working with, I’d say no more than 1-1.5 inches, you separate the rest away from that section and put it in a pony. You then braid that section.

If you already know how to French braid you can do this hairstyle!

If you know how to French braid then you can just do that to this small section. If you want it to look nicer with the braid showing on top of the hair then instead of pulling sections and putting them OVER the opposite side.. you put the sections UNDER the opposite side.

If you don’t know how to French braid, or want to learn visually how to cornrow…

Making the braids show ON TOP of the hair is called Cornrows. Its basically French Braiding except you pull the hair under instead of over. If you need to watch some videos on how to do so I recommend this one by BeautyCanBraid or this one by Naptural85. Both show how to do the technique.

Once we did one section, we just went back to that same starting point and again, we parted a section of hair about 1.5 inches wide going back at an angle towards the left side of her head. Braided that section. REPEAT until the finish the whole head. You end up with this.

Back View:

Side View:

One thing to note, with this kind of hair styles (with cornrows/braids) is you want to make sure at the front, edges, and nape of neck to put some sort of edge control product to try to reduce fly-aways and keep it neater. I personally have been using Blue Magic Conditioner because it conditions while it controls. I also make sure to have some on my hands/fingers while doing her hair so it gets spread throughout the braid(s).

She loves the final look. We fastened the ends of the braids with these rubberbands.

What do you think of this style? Would you do it on your child’s hair? Seem simple enough? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

-Nicholette aka TheMixedMama

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