It’s a New Week so what does that mean? Hair washing day!! My daughters least favorite day of the week. Until it’s over… then its her favorite.

She loves it.

Want to see how we got to the end result above? Keep on reading.

So as you can see in these pictures her hair has gotten crazy after the long weekend. I like to try to give her some days off from the torture, I mean styling, if we don’t have anywhere to go. Since it was a long weekend and she was off from school Monday I let it go and this is what results.

Now its Hair Washing day and we discussed some ideas of how she wants her hair for the coming week. She wanted the 3 sections split into 2 so she would end up with 6 small sections/braids. Due to this I kept the hair sectioned when washing. First I take out the rubberbands from the bottom of her braids and then take out the no metal elastics on the top. I unbraid only one section at a time, starting with the bottom, and clip up the rest out of the way. I then shampoo the base of that section. As seen below. 20161010_201857I then rinse that section out with our showers spray hose, making sure to get all the shampoo out. Then I put in conditioner and rub it in. Then I comb it out with her shower comb. I am careful to hold her hair at the roots with one hand as to try to avoid pulling her head as much as possible. The lower section, and the combing, is my daughters least favorite part. For some reason the section near the nape of her neck always gets so knotty… and of course it’s the most sensitive.

Then we rinse the conditioner out and put in a scoop of hair cholesterol or some other deep moisturizer and comb it through and get out any left over knots. Next I put some sort of hair oil. I usually use a mixture of the hair oil and coconut oil.. but I ran out of coconut oil. That section is then braided and we move onto the next section.

20161010_201332.jpgAfter we shampoo, condition, deep condition, hair oil, and comb each section I then go back and start parting for the hairstyle we are going for that week. As I said earlier, she wanted to have the 3 sections she had for the previous week turned into 6. So I parted the sections and put them into loose braids. 20161010_204004

Now if the section look crooked/uneven to you.. they probably are. It can be very hard to get an almost 5 year told stand still and cooperate for the length of time it takes to do her hair. You can’t tell in the pictures but her hair goes all the way past her caboose. It takes a lot of time, patience, and energy to do her hair. You just go as quickly as possible and hope for the best. 20161010_210920After we are done with the bath/shower we go upstairs and start the actual hairstyle. Since I was able to prep as much as I could in the shower, it was a lot easier and quicker than some other styles. I start in one section, either the front or back, doesn’t matter. I unbraid one section, take a small amount of blue magic and I rub it around the base of the hair near her head. I then take the boar bristle brush and smooth out the edges. Then I put in the no metal elastics and braid her hair again. We finish off with the rubberbands to hold the braid in. Repeat this until all 6 sections are complete.

Now comes my daughters favorite part… the completed look!!! She loves to go run and look in the mirror and admire her beautiful new style.

My daughter recently got a bunch of hair knockers from my aunt that she’s been dying to wear so we ended up putting one of those on each of the ponies at the base of the braids.

So there you have it… the final look. She loves it and she looks just beautiful.

New Week New Hair Tutorial: Multiracial/Multicultural/Biracial/mixed hair care

Let me know… how are your kids are  at bath time with getting their hair washed? Is it an ordeal like it is at our house? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

~Nicholette aka TheMixedMama

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