Today is the day we wash our daughter’s hair. We only wash it once per week as any more than that and it would dry out. It’s my daughter least favorite thing before and during… but after?! She loves it! I mean… look at how happy she is once her hair is done. Just Beautiful. 20161002_212657-1

When washing her hair we take out her previous hair-do and she runs around loving how crazy it is. Then we have to have a long talk about how mommy is going to try to “not take long” because my daughter just hates hair washing so much. We usually do a shower for hair washing day because her hair is so long that it would hang in the tub water when I am trying to clean it… which defeats the whole purpose.

So I wash it with shampoo at the roots only and try to really scrub. She hates that part but I try to explain to her the reasoning behind it. I make sure to rinse out as much of the shampoo as I can. Sometimes this can take a while but its very important to get it out to avoid buildup.  I then put in Mane N’ Tail Conditioner in her hair. Probably a whole palm full. Run it through her hair, concentrating more on the shaft of her hair, rather than the roots. I then use the wide tooth shower comb to comb through and get out some of the knots. My daughter hates this part…. with an extreme passion.

We then rinse that out and I put in some sort of oil. It’s usually between coconut oil or hair oil. That is focused on the shaft and roots of the hair only. Then I add a big scoop full of Hair Cholesterol.

I love this stuff!

I work that through her hair and then we work on combing it again to get more knots out. At this point the comb goes through a lot easier.. but again.. my daughter still hates it. I do my absolute best but there are ALWAYS knots in her hair. We call them “jerk knots.”

At this point, once I get the knots out, I try to start the basis for the weeks hair-dos. This week we went with 3 sections going from front to back. I parted her hair in the tub while it was still wet, since its easier that way. I put it in loose braids or buns and we finish the bath/shower.

Once she is all clean, dried off, lotioned up, and in her nightwear we start the hair-do. The weeks looks usually start with braids. That way her hair can dry in a controlled situation and not get all knotty. So for school on Monday she will have this cute look of 3 braids from front to back.

Super Cute!

For the rest of the week what I will probably do each night is have one day be loose curls, one day buns, one day connect the braids, and another day crazy loose curls. “Crazy hair” is her favorite. If only her hair didn’t get so knotty with it down. It has to be kept in some sort of protective hairstyle to avoid them. Luckily she love the hair-do’s once they are actually done.

Sunday Hair: Tutorial: Multiracial/multicultural/mixed/biracial Hair care

Before bed she then puts on her satin hair bonnet to protect her hair and keep it smoother.

Let me know if you’d like to see more about the different hair styles we do the rest of the week.

Thanks for reading!

~Nicholette aka TheMixedMama

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