Getting up early to get ready for school and being a night owl does not work very well for me. This means a lot of planning and preparing the night before. As much as possible. If I could guarantee my daughter’s clothes wouldn’t be a wrinkly mess… I’d have her sleep in her school clothes!

But what does this have to do with mixed children? Well, specifically for my daughter, it takes a long time to do a hair do usually. So we have to figure out variations of hairstyles that work for the whole week. You see… we only wash her hair once per week on Sundays to prepare for the school week. It is at that point we (I) have to decide what sort of hairdos we are going for this week.

The first week of school it was two sections styled various ways. We had them situated low on her head. So we went with crazy hair (free and curly), braids, buns, curly but less crazy, etc. Second week we kept the two sections and had them situated higher up on her head. Again… we did the super crazy hair, braids, minnie mouse buns, etc. Then we tried the single pony with all of the above again situated low on her head. This week? Single pony up high on her head.

I started to get bored with what we were doing so I decided to switch it up and put a bunch of smaller braids coming out of the single, high up, pony. Looked good yesterday. She just LOVED it of course as it was something different.

Well last night we had one of those nights that I had a bunch of work I had to do (including researching/working on this site) that took more time than I hoped. I was gone at work when my daughter got home earlier in the day from school (husband was here) so I didn’t get to spend much time with her yesterday. So I decided to spend the last 30 minutes or so before bed playing doll birthday party with her and my son (per her request).

Well…. that didn’t leave much time for hair. So what do you do in those situations? While she was brushing her teeth I took those six mini braids and looped them up and made a sort of crazy flower situation. She loved it. I didn’t re-do the braids or smooth out her hair with a brush and this hair conditioner… so it looked a bit unkempt… but she’s a child! Sometimes its ok to not have every hair in place. Instead we worked on making memories playing together.


She went to sleep in her satin bonnet (of course it wasn’t on this morning.. she sleeps like a mad woman) and this is what we end up with… Is it the best? No. But who cares. She’s happy. I’m happy. She looks incredibly cute. Are her friends going to be looking at her hair closely and say it doesn’t look NEAT. I doubt it… if they do I would use that to teach her a valuable life lesson.


Also… headbands are life savers!

Thanks for reading!

~Nicholette aka TheMixedMama

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